Air freight
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Main Business

We accepted the arrival of the world's major air port cargo air transport operations; can handle air cargo delivery, land transportation, warehousing, packing and other ground services; contractors import and export cargo booking, charter flights and door to door express delivery services. Company with a number of airlines to establish a good solid relationship, including: China Southern Airlines, China Airlines, Taiwan's EVA Air, Cathay Pacific, Air France, the Netherlands, Finnair, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, FedEx, Japan Airlines, Emirates, etc.; ground handling capability;'s partners at the airport also has a customs warehouse, equipped with excellent quality service professionals to facilitate cargo storage, but also easier for customers to pick up, the company and customs, transport, the Joint Inspection departments and other ports to establish a good relationship of cooperation, but also with domestic and foreign trade and shipping industries, established an extensive business network, so as to domestic shippers, customers superior cargo services and conditions.


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